Community Links

Links to other areas of the World Wide Web that may be of interest to Skies of Arcadia fans!

“Skies of Arcadia Community” Discord Server

A public Skies of Arcadia Discord server that often has a technical focus. Discussion often involves speedrunning, datamining, and game mechanics, but general discussion is always welcomed as well!

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“Skies of Arcadia” Discord Server

Another public Skies of Arcadia Discord server with a more general fandom focus. Discussion often involves appreciation of the game’s world and characters, as well as the sharing of fan-created works!

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Skies of Arcadia Legends on

Check the world records for Any%, 100%, RTA, and segmented runs of Legends! Also check out the phenomenal TAS run and read through the fully comprehensive notes and guides to start a run yourself!

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GDQ Hotfix 20th Anniversary Relay Run

Curious about Skies of Arcadia: Legends speedrunning and want to see it firsthand? One of the best places to start is this amazing four-person relay run done for Games Done Quick’s Hotfix series! A stellar run with great commentary explaining nearly every facet of the route – and it even ended up getting second place on the Any% Segmented leaderboard!

Click here to watch it on YouTube!

Ares Arcadia Twitter

A Twitter account that covers Skies of Arcadia information, trivia, and factoids! Want to see the entire extracted script of the game? Want to read translated tidbits from developer interviews and retro gaming magazine scans? Want to see retweets of the best SoA posts and artwork? Ares Arcadia has you covered!

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EsoArcadia Wiki

A Skies of Arcadia wiki with plenty of great information on nearly everything in the game! Pages include fully accurate extracted enemy stats, information on beta elements, other niche information like notes on localization changes, and an AMAZING, AMAZING gallery consolidating a huge variety of Skies of Arcadia illustrations and images in the highest quality we know of!

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And seriously, check out this gallery!

Skies of Arcadia Wiki

Another Skies of Arcadia wiki with entries that are typically longer than EsoArcadia’s for those that want to learn even more!

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