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Dolphin Emulator

An excellent multiplatform GameCube (& Wii) emulator! (Credit: the entire Dolphin team & various GitHub contributors)

Dolphin Memory Engine

A RAM search program that hooks directly to Dolphin’s emulated memory. Useful for finding and keeping track of specific memory addresses. (Credit: aldelaro5, Broxzier, & other GitHub contributors)


Command line tool for decrypting Legends files, which are AKLZ encrypted. To decompress a file: “aklz -d inputFileName.sct -o outputFileName.sct” (-d for decompress, -o for output). (Credit: ADnova).

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SALSA - Skies of Arcadia Legends Script Assistant

GUI-based tool assisting in parsing and decoding the script system in SoA:L. (Credit: jahorta)


Tool for editing Legends files. Has a dialog editor and a texture viewer/exporter/importer, and also allows basic modification of Armor, Weapons, Accessories, Consumable Items, Magic, and Super Moves. An old program that has some issues. (Credit: ADnova)


This one is way more complicated. This is a reverse engineering tool released by the United States’ National Security Agency, but it can be used to decompile the PowerPC assembly that GameCube games run on. For the time being, you want version 10.1.1 (Credit: Seriously, the NSA)

In order to interpret PowerPC assembly though, it needs this language definition for the Gekko CPU used in the Gamecube. (Credit: aldelaro5, Cuyler36, AdituV)

And here is an archived Ghidra project file that has some of the code identified already. You can open it in Ghidra by selecting [File > Restore Project...] (Credit: Jahorta, AdituV)